Would you like to have fun with your toddler or young child while exploring the exciting world of music?

benefitsAre you interested in spending meaningful time with your toddler or child?

Would you like to provide them with a fun environment to socialize with other children their age?

Would you like to promote a love for music and inspire creativity?

Perhaps you are interested in preparing your child for school by enhancing their reading comprehension, language and listening skills?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading to see how Kindermusik can help your child grow and develop all while having fun with music through classes designed for babies, toddler and young children.

Kindermusik provides so many benefits to your child including:

brainDevelops Early Reading:
Our programs help children develop spoken language and comprehension skills which provide the foundation for reading.

Increases Math, Science and Music Skills:
It’s no surprise that recent studies have shown that children who participate in music programs are 80% more likely to pursue careers in science and math. Kindermusik helps develop spatial temporal and reasoning skills required for math, science and future music lessons.

Promotes Social Interaction:
Interacting with others helps to regulate their responses to their environment and towards other people, an essential part of school readiness and future music instruction.

Provides A Unique Opportunity To Bond With Family:
Not only can your child learn to enjoy the world of music and learn about basic music concepts, but you can join in the fun with them. Kindermusik provides a unique and entertaining experience for the whole family to enjoy.   

Experience The Most Trusted Music And Movement Program For Children

Kindermusik is the most trusted music program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and young children with classes taught worldwide by the best educators and schools.

If you are interested in helping your child’s development and learning, as well as instilling a love of music at an early age, then enroll today for a Trial Class with our licensed Kindermusik instructor.

You’ll have a lot of fun and share lots of important memories and smiles with your child, all while building a solid foundation for learning.

What You Will Get From Enrolling In Our Kindermusik Program:

Weekly classes designed to develop specific aspects of your child’s learning spectrum via language, movement and music.

Digital at home materials corresponding directly to the skills, stories and instruments you work on in class so you can continue learning at home.

Access to a Kindermusik licensed teacher trained in a scientifically proven program for improving child brain development.

Interaction with families and children of the same age. Develop relationships and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Access to a variety of musical genres and instruments to develop music appreciation and encourage further music instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kindermusik Classes

1. I want my child to have fun and experience the many benefits of music class, but what if my child is shy in groups?

This is a common question for parents. Depending on how comfortable your child is with groups, they may participate on day one, but, do not worry if it takes a couple weeks for them to warm up. Keep in mind that even if your child is not actively participating, they are always observing and learning. Children are like sponges and they are still learning so many things from what they see and hear. Do not be surprised if your child is asking you when they will returning for their next lesson.

2. I know it’s important to expose children to music at a young age, but is my child old enough to start participating in a Kindermusik program?

Your child is never too young to start. Kindermusik’s infant, toddler and young children’s music classes are designed for ages 0-7. Each class helps to promote and develop the specific needs of each age group in terms of language, movement, social interaction and movement. Starting music from an early age provides many benefits to brain development that last a lifetime.

3. I would love to spend quality time with my child, but I don’t play an instrument. Do I need to have a musical background to help and participate in the classes?

No musical background is needed for our music classes. Kindermusik is not intensive one-on-one lesson training. Music classes for infants and toddlers explore simple musical concepts and music appreciation through different musical genres, instrument play, movement and songs. Young children’s music classes start developing more concrete music terminology and include some pre-keyboard and piano activities. With the @Home materials, you can sit with your child and continue the learning process at home. No music degree required.

4. I want my child to learn about music in a fun and low pressure environment. Does taking this class mean my child has to become Mozart?

Absolutely not. Unless of course, you want your child to. We don’t expect that every child will become a musical prodigy. In fact, that is very rare. We know every parent has different reasons for enrolling their child in a music class. We want to foster a love for music so that your child will receive the many benefits to brain development independent of whether or not they want to be a doctor, a fireman, a nurse, a musician or a teacher. If your child’s love of music grows into a passion for more intermediate and advanced musical study, we would be more than happy to help them along that journey.

5. I want my child to be able to build self confidence, self-expression and creativity. What happens if my child is learning the concepts slower than the other children?

Nothing. Your child will continue to grow, develop and absorb musical concepts at their own pace while having fun with others. Children develop at different speeds and what one child excels at another may not. There is nothing wrong with that. Kindermusik is NOT a competition and we support parents and children of all different skill levels and abilities. The key is that you are spending quality time with your child while helping them grow at their own pace.

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